Miss Blessing NFT Tutorial: How to Get Miss Blessing NFT Mystery Boxes on TheForce.Trade NFT Platform

6 min readJul 22, 2021


TheForce.Trade is launching our Second Mystery Box named as Miss Blessing NFT. The NFT sale will take place on our NFT platform at 12pm UTC ( 8pm HKT ) on 23rd July 2021. The price per box is 888 $FOC, and there are only limited edition 666 NFTs in total.

Miss Blessing NFT

Miss Blessing NFT collection is a Blessing Talisman series NFT mystery boxes launched by TheForce.Trade and its affiliated designers, designed for cryptocurrency investors and NFT collectors.

The Mystery Box contains one of the three blessing goddesses. Akeia (Miss Well-being), Rose Maria (Miss Romance), Kiera (Miss Fortune). each of which has its own magical blessing features.

Kiera (Miss Fortune) has the magic of improving luck and attracting wealth, blessing the NFT holders to prosper in the cryptocurrency world and increasing the chance of getting rich overnight.

Rose Maria (Miss Romance) can improve interpersonal relationships and make you more attractive, blessing the NFT holders to increase their popularity and improve their luck in love affairs.

Akeia (Miss Well-being) can improve the appearance, outlook and physical fitness, blessing NFT holders to delay ageing, prevent disease, and maintain a healthy and illness-free long-living life.

Background Stories

1. Miss Fortune — Kiera (111 NFTs)

Kiera has quite humble origins. Her father was a simple merchant in the age of emperor. Her family was by no means rich, in fact they struggled to survive at various points in Kiera’ s childhood. She loved her father, but realised early on, he wasn’t fit for being a merchant. It wasn’t until Kiera entered womanhood that she took over her fathers business that her family began to prosper. Her family went from being at the bottom ranking of society, to becoming one of the wealthiest families in the country. Kiera was quite humble, and only really loved the happiness her success brought her father.

Kiera revealed the secret to fortune, it takes time and patience, along with faith to achieve true wealth in life. She is dedicated to providing aid to those in need. She is responsible for the rise of commerce and markets. She loves seeing humble hard working people prosper.

If you pray to her, leave a wish, she will visit you with the blessing for your crypto investment. This is when your portfolio will prosper.

2. Miss Romance — Rose Marie (222 NFTs)

Rose Marie has always been a kind of bookworm, gobbling up every romance novel she could get her hands on. She was a small town girl with aspirations of seeing the Parisian streets where all the great romance novelists got their inspiration from. To achieve her goal she began writing for small town papers, ghost writing love letters, anything to get her to the streets of Paris. Smart as she was, with what little money she could scrounge up, she made some smart, well timed investments, and headed off to Paris.

Being an avid reader of romance novels, and finally being in the city of love, Rose Marie went on the hunt for the man of her dreams.

With her own success in love, she swore to help those romantics looking for love and success. Leave a flower and a love letter out on your desk at night, and in the morning you will find it read. Soon enough, not only will your investments get smarter, but in the process you will find the love that you seek.

3. Miss Well-being — Akeia (333 NFTs)

Akeia was once a sickly girl on the streets of ancient Athens. Being from a poor family with no means to take care of her, she was left to fend for herself, until, at the brink of death, she met a kind old man who took her in. The man tended to her wounds and cured her off illness. Amazed at what the old man could do, she became the old man’s pupil. The old man revealed himself to be Asclepius, god of medicine. Touched by the young girls pleas, he agreed to take her in as an understudy.

Akeia dedicated herself to taking care of others throughout the ages as Asclepius’ proxy. She tended to the sick during the Black Plague, and she has been a nurse in both world wars.

In the digital age Akeia has fallen in love with the world of crypto. If you think of her before going to sleep, she might not only heal you of your physical pain and mental ordeal, you might even see your portfolio go up a bit along with your well-being.

NFT Quality

There are three grades of quality per Goddess NFT :

  1. Rare (one heart)
  2. Epic (two hearts)
  3. Legendary (three hearts)

Talismans of different grades have different values of luckiness and additional features. The higher the grade, the luckier the NFT holder and the more additional features.

Purchase Instruction:

  1. Go to https://nft.theforce.trade/.
  2. Connect your wallet and select Binance Smart Chain (Tutorial for setting up Binance Smart Chain Network).

3. Approve your wallet.

4. Click Buy one or Buy More.

5. It is possible to adjust the purchasing quantities in the window.

6. Confirm to spend your $FOC.

7. Once the transaction completes, a window will pop up.

8. Click to turn it(them) over , you will see the NFT(s) you get from opening the Mystery Box.

9. The NFTs purchased will be displayed in ‘Dashboard’

Additional Information:

$FOC token purchase tutorial: https://theforcetrade.medium.com/how-to-buy-foc-token-7e9fb3232883

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