TheForce.Trade Product Updates! Defi V2 Staking Pool + INO Launchpad + NFT Trading Marketplace

3 min readOct 27, 2021

We are excited to announce that TheForce.Trade has launched our staking pool V2 with our incubated project Defina Finance this week.

We’ve been working busily on building our products for the past month. The team has accomplished a lot in terms of tech development, and we believe this is very critical to the long term success of TheForce.Trade. We will be able to incubate more projects in the futre and bringing more outstanding projects to our community members through INO and staking pools.

Below, we will make an intro of our new product features.

Initial NFT Offering — INO

Initial NFT offering allows projects to raise funds, get marketing exposures, and intouce their project through a fun and rewarding way — issuing their unique project Genesis NFT. The INO NFT will reward early supporters token airdrops through vesting of the project’s tokens, and the project could add additional utilities to reward the early supporters besides the collecting value. The NFT acts as an identity to allow projects to engage with their project supporters.

Through INO, we will allow $FOC holders to get early investment opportunities on new projects. TheForce.Trade has successfully introduced the INO feature and helped Defina Finance sell out their Genesis NFT in less than 1 min. The ROI for Defina Genesis holders at the ATH price was 12X.

With the development of our V2 Staking pool, we will redesign the staking requirements for the INO. Details will be introduced later.

If you are a project and is planning to launch your project with our INO, please fill up this form:

NFT Marketplace

We’ve helped Defina Finance create their NFT marketplace for trading and transferring NFTs. 2% of the total transaction is collected for our service providing fees. We will keep upgrading our marketplace and add additional utilities to FOC token holders when we design and develop the V2 of the marketplace.

The marketplace tech capability will allow us to incubate and help more NFT projects to get on board and launch their project with ease, especially for gamefi projects.

Defi Staking Pool V2

Defi Staking Pool V2 was launched! There are a few features with the upgraded defi pool. Firstly, the upgraded Defi staking pool allows the platform to give out paired token rewards. Secondly, we added staking time tiers, which will reward users who stakes longer to get more rewards than a short term staker. Lastly, the new defi smart contract is an upgradable smart contract which allows us to add additional features to the defi farming, such as staking NFT to get staking reward bonus.

About TheForce.Trade

TheForce.Trade is a data aggregator platform that utilizes customizable smart contracts to simplify the investment process for DeFi and NFT users of all levels. The platform provides users with all the data and automation tools they need to maximize returns from yield farming and NFT collections. More specifically, the platform offers services including yield aggregator, exchange aggregator, auto-compounding yield farming, NFT drops, NFT Mystery Boxes, NFT farming and lending.

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