August was a busy and exciting months for TheForce.Trade. The team has spent a great amount of time to build up the technology to get prepared for our September activities. Below is a recap of what we’ve accomplished in August.

🤝About Partnership

  • On August 5th, Rio Defi and TheForce.Trade …

The month of July has ended, TheForce.Trade team has accomplished many goals and we will keep the pace to achieve more in August. We have made a monthly recap of July from four aspects: partnership establishment, NFT sale, community event, and technology development.

🤝About Partnership

TheForce.Trade has established a strategic partnership with…

TheForce.Trade team wanna thanks everyone who participated in the Miss Blessing Mystery Box NFT sale last week. All 666 NFTs were successfully sold out in less than 15 mins. And we’ve prepared some surprises for you as those NFT cards will have utilities that add more values to you! …

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